Luxury stay in Bergen - sunset at Bryggen

Luxury stay in Bergen

Experience a unique combination of nature, food and culture

  1. Experience a unique combination of nature, food and culture, every experience customized to create those special memories that last a lifetime. Breathe in the fresh air, eat and drink the very best of what Bergen has to offer and just embrace the special atmosphere of our beautiful city.

  2. Luxury hotels
    Check out our recommended luxury hotels in Bergen.
  3. Did you know that there is an average of only 15 people per square kilometre in Norway? And that we have the second longest coastline in the world, and ten times as many islands as Greece?

  4. 5 beautiful boutique hotels in Bergen
    Bergen has a fine selection of boutique hotels.
  5. Bergen is the vibrant metropolitan city in the heart of the Norwegian fjords

  6. Historic accommodation
    Find the perfect accommodation steeped in history.
  7. One of a kind activities and attractions
    Exclusive experiences just for you and your travel companions
  8. Luxury food & drink experiences
    Based on first-rate produce Bergen has a rich traditional culinary culture.
  9. DMCs in Bergen and the fjords
    Use a local agency when planning your trip.
  10. Sustainable destination
    A good city to live in is a good city to visit.

Luxury stay in Bergen