Vegetarian restaurants in Bergen

Vegetarian Restaurants

Where to go for a good vegetarian dinner

Vegetarian Restaurants in Bergen

Discover where to enjoy vegetarian and vegan food at the many restaurants in Bergen. More and more eateries are offering excellent plant-based options as part of their regular menus. Here are some great tips on where to go for delicious vegetarian dishes in Bergen. 

In recent years, the food scene in Bergen has seen a significant increase in the availability of vegetarian and vegan options. Both traditional restaurants and modern new eateries have embraced the plant-based trend with open arms. This culinary development reflects not only a change in eating habits but also a growing awareness of health, environment, and animal welfare. Like at the restaurant Dirty Vegan. 

Dirty Vegan offers a great dining experience for vegans and those who prefer exclusively plant-based food. With a selection of purely vegan options, including juicy burgers and "dirty fries," you can enjoy delicious food with a clear conscience.

Dirty Vegan - Vegetarian Restaurant in Bergen
Foto: Dirty Vegan 

Diversity on the Menu  

The most notable feature of Bergen's vegetarian and veganfood scene is its diversity. From gourmet restaurants offering intricately prepared plant-based dishes to casual eateries serving tasty vegetarian burgers and wraps, there's something for every palate. Several restaurants also offer vegan options, and some even provide plant-based alternatives for traditional Norwegian dishes like fårikål (lamb and cabbage stew) and lapskaus (stew). 

Who Serves Vegetarian in Bergen  

At Bryggeloftet & Stuene, you can enjoy a delicious vegetarian burger or lasagna, while Escalon Mundo offers several different vegetarian tapas dishes. NAMA Japanese Fusion has crafted a Veggie Bento Box, and JAJA Streetfood & Bar serves both vegetarian and vegan "street food." 

  1. Bryggeloftet & Stuene
    Traditional Bergen restaurant with a view of the harbour, located on the old wharf, Bryggen. Distinctive interior with roots back to 1910.
    1. Tuesday, 2nd January 2024Tuesday, 31st December 2024
  2. Escalón
    Escalón Veiten is centrally located by the theatre and has a large outdoor terrace. The menu consists of classic tapas dishes such as meatballs and bacon dates.
    1. Tuesday, 2nd January 2024Tuesday, 31st December 2024
  3. Nama Japanese Fusion
    Nama Sushi & Noodles serves quality Sushi and Asian food. Sushi Bar and Asian warm dishes from à la carte menu.
    1. Monday, 1st January 2024Tuesday, 31st December 2024
  4. JAJA Streetfood & Bar
    JAJA serves dishes inspired from the best streetfood from arround the world!
    1. Tuesday, 2nd January 2024Tuesday, 31st December 2024

Leela Indian Restaurant and Bar also features vegetarian options on its menu, and Banzha offers various vegetarian and vegan dishes. If you're a fan of pizza, we recommend Hoggorm and Villa Paradiso Ole Bull. Both places have excellent vegetarian and/or vegan alternatives. 

  1. Leela India Restaurant og Bar
    Leela Indian Restaurant and Bar serves authentic Indian food and drink.
    1. Monday, 1st January 2024Tuesday, 31st December 2024
  2. Banzha
    Banzha is a culinary gem nestled in the heart of Bergen. This is a gastronomic journey to the Yunnan province of China, a region with a unique food culture.
    1. Thursday, 4th January 2024Tuesday, 31st December 2024
  3. Hoggorm
    Hoggorm is the punky little sister of Michelin-starred restaurant Lysverket, located just a block away. Named after Norway's only venomous snake.
    1. Tuesday, 2nd January 2024Tuesday, 31st December 2024
  4. Great pizza at Villa Paradiso Ole Bull
    Villa Paradiso is a family friendly restaurant with a unique atmosphere located at popular Torgalmenningen, in the heart of Bergen city center.
    1. Monday, 1st January 2024Tuesday, 31st December 2024

At the charming Kaf Kafe Bryggen, they serve both vegetarian and vegan versions of their small dishes. 

Innovation and Creativity at Restaurants in Bergen  

The chefs in Bergen have embraced the challenge of creating exciting and flavorful vegetarian and vegan dishes. From innovative use of local ingredients to experimenting with global flavors, there's a sense of creativity that permeates the city's food culture. There has also been an increase in pop-up restaurants and food markets focusing exclusively on vegetarian and/or vegan food, providing chefs and food enthusiasts the opportunity to explore new tastes and concepts. 

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