3 day winter program in Bergen - Fløyen

3 day winter program in Bergen

Get the most out of your trip to Bergen in the winter

3 Day Winter Program

Welcome to Bergen, the heart of the fjords. Spring, summer, autumn or winter, Bergen is the place to be. Every season has its charm. Bergen in winter is less crowded, the scenery is different and the air is crisp.

In order to make sure you get the most out of your trip to Bergen in the winter, we have created a 3 day itinerary with suggestions of experiences you shouldn’t miss.

3 day winter program - Lille LungegårdsvannBy the lake Lille Lungegårdsvann in the city center. Photo: Visit Bergen / Anna T. Takle - visitBergen.com 

Day 1 Winter in the city

Snowshoe hiking

There might not be snow in the city centre of Bergen, but the guides from Norway Mountain Guides will always bring you to winter wonderland. 
They will take you away from the crowds and off the "beaten track" to see real winter scenery. Hiking with snowshoes requires no previous experience, only that you are fit enough to do a normal hike in slightly uneven terrain. The snowshoe hike takes 5 hours, but there are other options if you want to spend less time in the snow. 

Explore Mount Floyen
There’s no guarantee of snow at Mount Floyen, but with or without snow you always get a cozy winter feeling. There are lots of small or longer hikes on Mount Floyen, several of them with fabulous view spots of the city. After your hike, warm up in the Fløistuen café with a cup of hot chocolate and the local pastry called skillingsbolle.

Go swimming!
Swimming in winter has become more and more popular. If you’re a fan of that special cold shock there are several places in Bergen where you can jump in the water. Nordnes Sjøbad is open several days a week throughout the winter. After a refreshing swim in the sea, you can warm up in the heated seawater pool or in one of the saunas. There are also several places where you can enjoy a steaming hot sauna followed by a cold dip in the fjord. Check out Heit Bergen Sauna and City Sauna & Cruise for more information.

  1. Summer at Nordnes Sjøbad
    Nordnes seawater pool is located in the Nordnes park, near the Aquarium and within walking distance of the city centre. Pool, diving board and shower facilities.
    1. Tuesday, 21st May 2024Monday, 30th September 2024
  2. Heit Bergen Sauna
    Enjoy a steaming hot sauna experience in urban and scenic surroundings. Views of mountains, the bay and new architecture.
    1. Monday, 1st January 2024Tuesday, 31st December 2024
  3. City Sauna & Cruise
    Welcome to City Sauna: Where relaxation meets adventure! Set sail on a Sauna Cruise, and reacharge your batteries while soaking up the stunning views of the city.
    1. Monday, 1st April 2024Tuesday, 31st December 2024

Time to eat
After a day of outdoor experiences it’s time to enjoy a delicious meal. Seafood has always been at the heart of Bergen’s culinary culture, and the sea outside of Bergen abounds with tasty delicacies. This is where you will find the season’s best ingredients – mussels and scallops, crawfish and crabs, prawns and the freshest of fish. There are lots of good seafood restaurants in Bergen and the region. We recommend you try Bien Basar or Bryggeloftet. 

Bien Basar is a classic Norwegian and continental restaurant located in one of the city's most iconic buildings, Kjøttbasaren. They are famous for their dish Persetorsk, which is probably the most authentic dish we have in Bergen. You can read more about Persetorsk here. 

Bryggeloftet is a traditional Bergen restaurant with roots back to 1910, located next to the Unesco World Heritage Site Bryggen. Their specialities are traditional Norwegian cuisine, and their most popular dish both with the locals and visitors is the Bergen Fish Soup. You can read more about the Bergen Fish Soup here.

Day 2 Winter in the fjords

The Norwegian fjords were created by retreating glaciers and the results are spectacular with U-shaped valleys and narrow, steep sided mountains on each side. It is an amazing sight to stand on a boat on the fjord and look up at the mountains. On the guided tour with Fjordrive to Nærøyfjorden, Flåm and Stegastein you get to experience the fjords up close. This tour includes a stop at the impressive waterfall Tvindefossen, a fjord cruise from Gudvangen to Flåm on the beautiful Nærøyfjord on a battery powered boat and a visit to the viewpoint Stegastein 650 meter above the fjord, with panoramic views of the Aurlandsfjord.

Stegastein in winter
Stegastein Viewpoint. Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik / www.fjordnorway.com 

Elegant dining
For dinner on day 2 it’s time for elegant dining and rich flavours. Colonialen 44 serves elegant food in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Their 4 course menu is inspired by traditional Norwegian cuisine combined with international impulses. They source their food from local farmers and producers and take inspiration from seasonal ingredients.

Day 3 Winter in the mountains

Do you like to go skiing? Bergen has a lot to offer, but we can’t guarantee you enough snow to go skiing all winter. But Voss is located only 100 kilometers North East of Bergen. You can travel by train, bus or hire a car. The trip will take you about 75 minutes each way. In Voss you can go cross country skiing, alpine skiing on- and off-piste, dog sledding and lots of other winter activities in the snow. 

There are 2 ski resorts in the Voss area, Voss Resort and Myrkdalen. 

Voss Resort
Voss Resort is only 9 min from the train station, with the new gondola, and has 40 km of groomed trails for all levels, including a variety of cross-country trails with different lengths. There are also several exciting off-piste areas. 

3 day program in Bergen and Voss
Voss Resort in winter. Photo: Erik Østlie 

Myrkdalen is located about 30 kilometers from Voss. In the winter they have a free ski bus with daily departures back and forth between Voss and Myrkdalen. Did you know that it snows more in Myrkdalen than almost any other place in Europe? This makes the destination a favorite among ski enthusiasts. You can test your skills in well-groomed trails, the park areas or on the untouched powder snow. 

“The last supper”
A full day on the slopes creates an appetite. Bjerck Restaurant & Bar is located close to the Fish Market and probably has the best views in town. The food is equally good with a focus on creating great dining experiences based on fresh ingredients and exciting menu choices.

3 day winter program - Bergen city center
Bergen city center. Photo: Visit Bergen / Anna T. Takle - visitBergen.com

Are you travelling to Bergen around Christmas? Don’t forget to visit the Christmas Market or the world’s biggest Gingerbread Town. You can read more about Christmas in Bergen here. 

If you like to know more about how winter in Bergen can be enjoyed by the fjord, in the mountains and in the city, we recommend you watch our webinar where we introduce you to the Norwegian lifestyle during the dark months, how to enjoy the cozy atmosphere inside, and fun activities both out in the nature, and in the city center.