Vøringsfossen Waterfall

The most famous waterfall in Norway

Vøringsfossen - 5 useful tips before visiting

Vøringsfossen is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Norway. With a fall of 182 meter, the water cascades down the mountainside into the narrow and rugged Måbødalen valley near Eidfjord in the Hardangerfjord.

In this article we will tell you all about it and how to get there. 

1. Vøringsfossen Waterfall bridge

Vøringsfossen is located in the western end of the mountain plateau called Hardangervidda, close to the village Eidfjord. The waterfall has always been spectacular, but after the new bridge across the valley opened in 2020, the experience is even more unforgettable. The metal bridge has 99 steps and a span of 47 meters across the waterfall.Vøringsfossen bridge
Photo : Visit Hardangerfjord 

2. How to get to Vøringsfossen

By car

You can drive to Vøringsfossen both from Bergen and from Geilo/Oslo. From Bergen the drive is 173 kilometers, and normally takes just under 3 hours if you drive via Voss and then over the Hardanger bridge. The bridge is Norway’s longest suspension bridge and offers great views when driving across it. For the last part of the drive the road winds its way up Måbødalen valley, with several scenic viewpoints of the valley along the way.Vøringsfossen map
Photo: Goole Maps 

If you’re driving from Geilo/Oslo you cross the mountain plateau Hardangervidda on riksvei 7 (National Road nr. 7). This stretch of road is designated as a Norwegian Scenic Route, which are Norway’s most beautiful road trips. The drive from Geilo is 73 kilometers and normally takes you just over an hour. Beware that this road can be closed in the winter, when the weather conditions are dangerous. You can read more about driving from Oslo to Bergen via Hardangervidda here.


There are two places to park close to the waterfall. You can either choose to park at Fossli hotel (about 1 kilometer from the main road), or you can park in the main parking area at the top of Måbødalen (located along the main road). There are restrooms open both places, mainly between 1 April and 31 October.Vøringsfossen Waterfall parking
Photo: Harald Christian Eiken / vmproduksjon.no / Statens vegvesen

3. Best time to visit Vøringsfossen

It is possible to visit Vøringsfossen all year round. However, the most popular time to visit is between May and October. In spring and fall the waterfall might be at its most impressive. During peak season July and August, we recommend you arrive early or late in the day for the best experience.

The road from Bergen is open all the time, but the road between Geilo and Voringsfossen can be closed for shorter or longer periods of time due to poor weather conditions. The view is definitely better before it gets dark in the winter, so we recommend that you visit between kl. 10.00 and 15.00 this time of year. In the winter the toilets at Fossli hotel are closed.

Regulation of water volume:
The water volume is regulated in connection with hydroelectric power. There is a minimum water flow of 12 m3/s (420 cu ft/s) during the summer to guarantee that the waterfall appears as a great spectacle. This only applies in summer and in winter there may be less water in the waterfall and it may also be partially or completely frozen.

4. Vøringsfossen waterfall hike

If you’re into hiking it is possible to hike to Vøringsfossen from Fossetromma or Storegjel. The main part of the hike is in rough terrain, partly crossing areas with large rocks in the canyon leading up to Vøringsfossen, so bring sturdy hiking shoes to make sure you don’t slip on the wet rocks. The hike is 3.7 km from Fossatromma/1.7 km from Storegjel (one way). This hike is only recommended between mid-May and October, due to weather conditions. Vøringsfossen hike
Photo: Visit Hardangerfjord / Vegard Breie 

5. Guided tour from Bergen

You can also visit the waterfall by combining a fjord cruise on the Hardangerfjord with a visit to Vøringsfossen. On the tour "Fjordcruise on the Hardangerfjord including a tour to Vøringsfossen" you start by bus from Bergen and continue by boat from Nordheimsund to Eidfjord. With the tour "The Great Waterfall and Fjord Tour™" you start by train from Bergen to Voss, and continue by bus to Ulvik and boat to Eidfjord. Both tours will give you a great waterfall experience.

  1. Fjordcruise at the Hardangerfjord
    Experience a journey through a landscape of majestic mountains, roaring waterfalls and idyllic orchards, on your way to the beautiful Queen of fjords
    1. Wednesday, 1st May 2024Saturday, 31st August 2024
  2. A view of the Vøringsfossen area - a part of Norwegian Scenic Route Hardangervidda
    Experience the majestic Hardangerfjord, and two of Norway’s most famous waterfalls – all in one day!
    1. Monday, 13th May 2024Sunday, 1st September 2024

Bonus: Stop in Voss as part of your trip

If you drive to Vøringsfossen from Bergen, or continue to Bergen after your visit to Vøringsfossen, we recommend that you stop in Voss. Voss is famously called the extreme sports capital of Norway, and guaranteed to get your blood pumping if you’re into adventurous activities. From middle of May to October you can go white water rafting in one of the rivers close to Voss, or why not be a superhero for a day and realize your dream of flying in the indoor skydiving facility at VossVind. At Voss Climbing and Zipline Park the whole family can have fun in the treetops, exploring over 60 different climbing challenges and several long and airy ziplines. In winter Voss offer great conditions for both downhill and cross country skiing. 

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