Weekend trip from Munich to Bergen

Weekend Trip From Frankfurt to Bergen

Bergen - a World Heritage City

Weekend trip from Frankfurt to Bergen, Norway

You may have seen it on TV or in the magazines – pictures of Bergen and the world famous Norwegian fjords. Today it is easier than ever to experience The Kingdom of the Fjords with your own eyes on a weekend trip from Frankfurt to Bergen.

During your stay you get to see the most spectacular fjord landscapes. Enjoy delicacies from the ocean with fresh sea air next to the open sea. Or what about a hike at one of the seven mountains surrounding the city? Bergen is the perfect combination of nature, culture and interesting urban attractions – all year around. Welcome to a long weekend in Bergen, the World Heritage City and a European City of Culture.

Weekend Trip From Frankfurt to Bergen - Bryggen
Bryggen in Bergen- Photo: Per Christian Lind - Visit Norway

Direct flights from Frankfurt to Bergen!
Pick any day in the week and book a seat on one of Lufthansa's direct flights from Frankfurt to Bergen in Norway. Why not experience the beautiful autumn and winter in Bergen?

The timing of the flights are perfect for a weekend break. You leave Frankfurt at 09:50 on a Friday morning and the flight to Bergen is only 2 hours. On Saturday morning you are ready to explore the highlights of this beautiful city between seven mountains. With Airport is located 30 minutes from Bergen city center. Bergen offers a wide range of hotels and charming bed & breakfast in and around the city center. It is time to open your senses and let the weekend break begin!

Friday: The first impression counts!

The famous Fish Market is Norway’s most famous outdoor market. Let your taste buds run wild to the smell of freshly boiled crab, shrimp and fresh seafood. Sit down and order the specialty of the day at one of the outdoor dining places, and enjoy the smell, tastes and the wonderful atmosphere in the area.

Just a few metres away from the Fish Market you will find Bergen’s most famous attraction - Bryggen. The unique wooden houses are inscripted on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. A walk through the narrow alleys between the leaning houses is like a trip back to the Middle Ages, when Bryggen was a lively centre for international trade.  A visit to Bryggens Museum and Hanseatic Museum and Schøtstuene gives you a historical insight of Bryggen’s meaning to Bergen and the city’s rich history.

  1. Summer at Bryggen in Bergen
    1. Monday, 1st January 2024Tuesday, 31st December 2024
  2. Bryggens Museum - Bymuseet i Bergen
    Bryggens Museum display findings of the archaeological excavations of Bryggen from 1955 and contains the foundations of the oldest buildings in Bergen.
    1. Tuesday, 1st October 2024Sunday, 22nd December 2024
    2. Wednesday, 22nd May 2024Monday, 30th September 2024
    3. Friday, 27th December 2024Monday, 30th December 2024
  3. By the entrance
    The Hanseatic merchants are long gone, and no longer part of the hustle and bustle of Bryggen, but you can still experience this unique place, which has contributed so much to making Bergen the city it is today.
    1. Wednesday, 1st May 2024Monday, 30th September 2024

At Bryggen, you will experience a lively atmosphere with cafés, bars and small unique shops. Sit down at a café and order a cup of tea and a Skillingsbolle (cinnamon roll) – a tasty local pastry and world known specialty from Bergen.

Up on the top!
There is a saying that you haven’t been to Bergen if you have not been on top of one of it’s seven mountains. Just outside the city center you can take the Ulriken Cable car to the top of Mount Ulriken. Ulriken is the highest of the seven mountains surrounding the city. From here you get an amazing view of Bergen surrounded by mountains, fjords and ocean in the background. You can also choose to take the Fløibanen Funicular up to the top of Mount Fløyen, right in the city center.

Weekend trip to Bergen, NorwayUlriken643. Photo: Gjertrud Coutinho

Saturday: Art and shopping

Bergen has a compact city centre, making it ideal for street shopping.

Experience the vibrant shopping scene in Bergen, where charming boutiques line the cobblestone streets offering a blend of Scandinavian design and local craftsmanship. From trendy fashion finds to artisanal souvenirs, there's something for every shopper to discover in this picturesque Norwegian city. Don't miss out on the unique stores, like the award winning Oleana just oposite the Tourist Information and Norwegian Rain & T-Michael Flagship Store.

For art in the city center head over to KODE - Art museums and Composer Homes and unjoy the extensive collection of art and design. Masterpieces by Edvard Munch, Nikolai Astrup, Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee, J. C. Dahl and  "the Silver Treasure". 

Kode Art Museum
The art museum Kode. Photo: Per Christian Lind - Visit Norway

After some good shopping, you are probably more than ready for dinner.

A boat picks you up at Bryggen, giving you the chance to prepare your taste buds with the fresh air and the beautiful coastal scenery on your way out to Holmen and Cornelius Seafood Restaurant. This is by far the most exotic seafood dinner concept in the region, with a Meteorological Menu of exquisite seafood and trimmings, prepared using innovative culinary techniques and with a genuine passion for seafood.

A dinner at Cornelius provides a rich taste experience and an extraordinary encounter with the coastal environment. You are picked up at the restaurant and taken back to Bryggen by boat. A perfect ending to an exciting day in Bergen. Read more about dinner at Cornelius and book your trip in advance.

Frankfurt to Bergen
Cornelius Seafood Restaurant. Photo: Truls J Løtvedt

If your schedule doesn't permit a boat excursion and dinner at Cornelius, fear not! Bergen's city center boasts an array of excellent dining options. Treat yourself to an unforgettable culinary experience at Lysverket or Frescohallen.

A cultural highlight
Immerse yourself in Bergen's vibrant cultural scene by attending a concert or event during your city break. From intimate jazz clubs to grand concert halls like Grieghallen, there's always something happening in this dynamic Norwegian city. Check out our What's on calender.

Sunday: A day in the fjords

Bergen is located in the heart of the Norwegian fjords. On Sunday mornings, embark on a fjord cruise for an immersive experience. For a comprehensive adventure, dedicate a full day to exploring either the awe-inspiring Sognefjorden or the picturesque Hardangerfjorden, both reachable on day trips. Alternatively, opt for a four-hour cruise to Mostraumen, available year-round and perfect for those with limited time.

  1. Norway in a nutshell®
    Norway's most popular fjord tour is Norway in a Nutshell! Experience the world famous Flåm Railway and a fjord cruise on the Nærøyfjord. Book online!
    1. Monday, 1st January 2024Tuesday, 31st December 2024
  2. The fjord cruise passes through the narrow Mostraumen
    Half day fjord cruise from Bergen to the scenic Osterfjord and Mostraumen Channel.
    1. Tuesday, 1st October 2024Monday, 30th December 2024
    2. Sunday, 1st September 2024Monday, 30th September 2024
    3. Wednesday, 1st May 2024Saturday, 31st August 2024
  3. Fjordcruise at the Hardangerfjord
    Experience a journey through a landscape of majestic mountains, roaring waterfalls and idyllic orchards, on the beautiful Queen of fjords, the Hardangerfjord.
    1. Saturday, 1st June 2024Saturday, 31st August 2024

Are you visiting Bergen in winter, you can find a selection of winter tours here.

A list of all fjord cruises and tours are avaiable here.

Monday: Stay a day extra

The flight back to Frankfurt with Lufthansa leaves at 06:10 in the morning or at 12:40 in the afternoon from Bergen Airport Flesland. But why not extend your city break in Bergen by an extra day? Have time to fully immerse yourself in its rich cultural offerings, explore its stunning natural landscapes, and savor the delightful culinary delights the city has to offer. We often hear from visitors that they wish they had stayed longer. 

Weekend Trip From Frankfurt to Bergen - Troldhaugen
Edvard Grieg Museum Troldhaugen. Photo: Dag Fosse

Explore Bergen with the Bergen Card
The Bergen card gives you free entry or discounted admission museums and attractions and you can travel for free on busses and the Bergen light railway. It also includes a discount on Fløibanen Funicular. You can buy the Bergen Card online, and start using it already at the Airport.

The highlights in three days
It is a challenge pointing out one single highlight after a long weekend in Bergen. It is the total experience from your meeting with the fjords, nature, culture and history that makes the total package of what you get during your stay. With direct flights from a large number of destinations, you can find yourself in the middle of the experience just hours after leaving home. Bergen is ready to welcome you. Are you ready to visit Bergen?