Christmas in Bergen

Christmas in Bergen

Enjoy the festive season

Christmas in Bergen

The Gingerbread Town and a large number of Christmas concert and other events will get you in the right Christmas spirit.

Festival of Lights 25 November

Join thousands of locals and visitors as we celebrate the Festival of Lights around the lake Lille Lungegårdsvann right in the city center. This pre-Christmas event has become an important and lovely tradition for many. The evening ends with a wonderful fireworks display.

Christmas in Bergen - Festival of light
Photo: Visit Bergen / Robin Strand – 

The Gingerbread Town:

The Gingerbread Town (Pepperkakebyen) is the World’s largest town of its kind. In November, half of Bergen’s citizens make their own contributions to this tasteful, magical town. Houses, churches, castles, rockets, and even oil platforms are some of the edible artwork you can find – the creativity is amazing. The result of it all is a mind-blowing fairytale town among mountains, fjords, snow and atmospheric light. You can also have a taste of Bergen’s own gingerbread hearts at the end of the tour. Every day from mid November you can visit the Gingerbread Town.

The Gingerbread Town is open from  18 November - 31 December and is located in Kode Permanenten in Bergen city center.

Gingerbread Town (Pepperkakebyen) Photo: Visit Bergen / Casper Steinsland –

Open attractions during Christmas: 

Please note that this list will be updated several times in the period leading up to Christmas. 

Update to the list:
27th, 29th and 30th December you can also join Norway Mountain Guide on a snowshoe hike. They also offer tours every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1st January. 

Open restaurants during Christmas:

To find open restaurants during the holiday period, please use the search option on the page displaying restaurants in Bergen. You can enter the date that are relevant for you to find a restaurant of your choice. Please double check with the restaurant home page for final confirmation close to the time you are planning to visit as they might decide to change opening hours on short notice.

Bergen Christmas Market:

Bergen Christmas Market will this year be held on Festplassen square, right in the heart of the city. Here you will find lots of delicious delicacies from local food suppliers combined with creative crafts from various participants. Open from 1 - 22 December 2023.

Bergen Julemarked
Photo: Bergen Julemarked / Robin Strand –

We also recommend a visit to Bryggen. If you like markets, you will love the atmosphere at Bryggen! Beautifully decorated for Christmas with a large selection of local artists, designers and cafes.

See an interactive map below with Christmas Markets in Bergen city center and in the Bergen region.

Christmas concerts:

Throughout December Bergen offers a large selection of Christmas concerts that are sure to get you in the right Christmas spirit!

    1. Wednesday, 18th December 2024
    2. Thursday, 19th December 2024
    1. Wednesday, 27th November 2024
    1. Thursday, 28th November 2024
    1. Sunday, 8th December 2024

Christmas up above!

Bergen also marks Advent with the traditional lighting of candles on Mount Fløyen every Sunday leading up to Christmas. If there is snow, bring a sledge, and you have a fun way of getting back down!

Christmas at Fløyen
Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik

Christmas traditions in Norway:

In Norway, the most important celebration happens on Christmas Eve, 24 December. This is when Norwegian families come together for a big meal. After dinner, it is time to unwrap the presents.

Norwegian Christmas food traditions vary across the regions, but Christmas dinner in Bergen is usually mutton ribs (called Pinnekjøtt), fish, or pork ribs, with all the traditional trimmings, such as sauerkraut, swede, gravy and the ubiquitous boiled potatoes.

If you want to bring the Bergen Christmas feeling home, head to Julehuset at Bryggen to get nisser and other Christmas decorations. In November and December, the shop has two floors of Christmas products.

If you want to learn more about Christmas traditions in Bergen and what's on during the holiday season, check out the podcast "Christmas in Bergen".

New Years Eve in Bergen:

The last day of the year is usually spent in one of many restaurants, night clubs, pubs and bars or at home with family and friends. The city is buzzing with life and people in festive spirit! At midnight there is fireworks that can be seen from all over the city center. To get you safely home after the celebrations, there is an extensive public transport service if you are staying outside the city center. Night busses and Bergen Light Rail are running all night.

On New Years Even you can also enjoy some beautiful organ music in St Mary's Church at 17:00. or a New Years Eve concert in the Grieg Hall.

Opening hours for shopping in Bergen city Center:

From Thursday December 10 to (and including) December 23, most shops in the city centre are open the following hours:
Monday to Friday: Open until 8PM (malls until 9PM)
Saturday: Open until 6PM
Sunday: Open until 2PM or 7PM
Christmas Eve: Open until 1PM (with some exceptions)
Christmas Day and Boxing Day: Closed
New Year’s Eve: Open until 4PM (with some exceptions)

Christmas in Bergen
Photo: Maverix Media -

Church service in Bergen city center:

These were the services in 2022. New updated times will be published as soon as this has been confirmed.

24th December:
Bergen Cathedral at 14:30 and 16:00
St John's Church at 16:00
St Mary's Church: at 14:30, 16:00 and 23:00
Nykirken at 14:30

25th December:
Bergen Cathedral at 11:00
St John's Church at 12:00

Please note that the masses are in Norwegian.

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