T-Michal visiting Mandelhuset at Våge in Tysnes outside Bergen

Where Fjords Meet Fashion

T-Michael's Story

Where Fjords Meet Fashion: T-Michael's Story

In the charming city of Bergen, Norway, where fjords meet mountains and history intertwines with modernity, a unique fashion story unfolds.  

T-Michael, a Ghanaian-born designer, has not only made his mark on the world of bespoke tailoring but also deeply ingrained his brand into the cultural fabric of Bergen. His journey from Accra to our beautiful city is a testament to the blending of diverse cultural aesthetics, creating a distinctive style that transcends geographical boundaries. 

T-Michael in Bergen
Photo: Espen Bakketun / Visit Bergen - visitBergen.com 

Who is T-Michael 

T-Michael, born Michael Tetteh Nartey, began his journey in Ghana. His passion for tailoring and design was evident from a young age, inspired by his father's meticulous approach to dressing and the vibrant, intricate patterns of traditional Ghanaian textiles. Seeking to hone his craft, T-Michael moved to Europe, where he initially studied and worked in London before finding his true home in Bergen. 

Bergen: A City of Inspiration 

Bergen, known for its rich history as a trading port and its stunning natural landscapes, provided T-Michael with a unique backdrop for his creativity. The city's weathered beauty, from the colorful wooden houses of Bryggen to the serene waters of its surrounding fjords, deeply influences his work. The juxtaposition of the old and the new in Bergen resonates with T-Michael’s design philosophy, where traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary aesthetics. Join T-Michael for a journey from the city to places in the Bergen region where he finds inspiration for his design. 

The T-Michael Philosophy of slow fashion and sustainable practices 

T-Michael’s influence extends beyond fashion; it is a philosophy that embraces slow fashion and sustainable practices. In a world of fast fashion, his commitment to quality and durability stands out. His designs are meant to last, both in terms of style and material, promoting a conscious approach to consumption. This philosophy is evident in his collaborations as well, such as with Norwegian Rain, where the focus is on creating functional yet stylish outerwear that can withstand Bergen’s often unpredictable weather 

T-Michael with Patrick from Mandelhuset at Tysnes
T-Michael at Mandelhuset at the island Tysnes outside Bergen. Photo: Espen Bakketun / Visit Bergen - visitBergen.com 

A Cultural Ambassador for Bergen 

Through his work, T-Michael serves as a cultural ambassador, bringing a piece of Ghana to Norway and sharing the elegance of Scandinavian design with the world. His journey is a narrative of cultural exchange, where fashion becomes a medium for dialogue and understanding. By integrating elements from his heritage with the influences of his adopted home, T-Michael creates designs that are both unique and universal. 

T-Michael visiting Oleana
T-Michael visiting Oleana Knitwear. Photo: Espen Bakketun / Visit Bergen - visitBergen.com 

If you are feeling inspired to explore more of what Bergen has to offer, then check out things to do in Bergen, and of course visit the Norwegian Rain & T-Michael Flagship Store.

  1. Norwegian Rain & T-Michael Flagship Store
    The space presents the award-winning, high-end outerwear by Norwegian Rain alongside the internationally renowned artist/designer T-MICHAEL’s collection
    1. Monday, 1st January 2024Tuesday, 31st December 2024
  2. Mandelhuset
    Like a white idyllic treasure, just off the immediate waterfront at Våge on the island Tysnes, lies Mandelhuset, a warm and friendly restaurant serving homemade deliciousness to everyone who steps inside.
    1. Saturday, 8th June 2024Tuesday, 13th August 2024
  3. Mirabelle By Ørjan Johannessen
    Welcome to a perfect combination of luxury, comfort and gastronomic pleasure - welcome to Mirabelle by Ørjan Johannessen.
    1. Wednesday, 10th January 2024Tuesday, 31st December 2024
  4. Oleana
    Oleana Knitwear- Multi Awarded Norwegian design and quality, 100% local production at our own factory in Ytre Arna, Bergen
    1. Monday, 1st January 2024Tuesday, 31st December 2024